Saturday, March 9, 2019

Operating System

Operating System

Here in this article you will know about Operating system, Main features of Operating System & How it works actually.

An Operating system is a set of program it manages all the computer components and programs.
without operating system, a computer cannot do anything.

 Operating system is very essential for run the program or run any task on the computer. Without operating system a user can not interact with computer easily.

Operating system works as the interface between the User and the Computer Hardware. Computer Hardware like Control Processing Unit(CPU), Input or Output unit, Memory are the main Hardware of the Computer.
There are some popular Operating Systems are, Windows,Linux,Dos,Unix,etc

To understand Operating System lets understand it with suitable example.

Lets understand it with example, If you want to do something on your computer like you want to run any program or open any file on your computer, then you have to need coding to run or open any program without coding, you can't open a program or run a program,you to code to run the particular program, because the Computer Hardware cannot understand the instruction given by you on the computer without coding you need to code it. But with the help of Operating System a user and interact with computer hardware easily, they have to only command it to run the program or run any task,Because the Operating system has pre installed coding for every program what you want to run or task to do on the computer ,you only have to do instructions and Operating System handle the Computer hardware and you will able to run your program without coding.This is the main function of Operating system.

The Operating system manages the following Resources of the Computer system


1.Processor management.

When we run multiple task on the computer system the Operating system manage the programs how they have to executes. Processor management manage the users multitasking experience.It handles the multitasking tasks of user.


2.Memory management.

Operating System manages the memory of the computer system to store the data.It saves the users data in the memory and manage the storage system of the computer system.


3.File management.

Operating System manages the users file.The number of file is on the computer system and Operating System manages the number of files of the computer system.

4.Input/output Management.

Operating System manages the input and output units of the computer system. It manages the input task like typing and output task like printing functions of the computer system.


Operating System provides the user security .The Operating System provides the security to secure the users data and make the better user experience.

                    This is all about Operating system, and it how it works. If you have any questions about this you can ask 
Thank you.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Digital Computer

Digital Computer   

    Here in this article you will know about Digital computer.

The computer which operates on digital signal is called Digital computer.The digital computer receives data and instructions from the outside world and proceeds the data given by the outside world in the control processing unit and proceeding it in the control processing it gives a result in the form of output unit.

 There are three types of Computer.
  1. Analog computer.
  2. Digital computer.
  3. Hybrid computer.   
But here in this article you will know detailed about in Digital computer.

The Digital computer has the following units.
  • Input unit.
  • Central processing unit.
  • Output unit.

The components of Digital computer.

  Input unit:

       A computer needs to input the data and instruction to solve any problem so we have to input the data and instruction into the digital computer to solve the problems,So if we want to solve the problems from the digital computer then we have to give to the data what we have to solve this is possible only with the help of Input unit.

   The main functions of Input unit performs the following task:
  • Input takes the data from the outside world.
  • Convert the data in the form of that the computer can understand 
  • Transfer the converted data to the CPU of the digital Computer for the remaining process.

The control processing unit is the super intelligent unit of digital computer.

CPU(Control processing unit) consist of the following parts:

  • Arithmetic unit.
  • control unit.
  • Memory unit.

Arithmetic unit:

Arithmetic logic unit(ALU) performs all the mathematical problems and logical calculations it it also takes the decisions and comparisons.
whenever the calculation is used the data goes to the ALU and the ALU solve these problems through the arithmetic and logical way and transfer these data to the Output unit.

Control unit:

         Control unit control the flow or processed data from the storage unit to the ALU.
It also controls the data of result from ALU to the storage unit.

Memory unit:

        Memory is also the unit of computer which is used for store the users data on Digital computer.
The memory is divided into the mainly 2 types:

       1.Primary memory.

       2.Secondary memory.

1.Primary memory.

Primary memory is used to hold the user data before the processed.It temporary stores the users data in the Digital computer.Primary memory is also called the Volatile memory.

The primary memory is further divided into following 2 types:




RAM stands for Random Access Memory it is also read and write memory.this memory is used for the Digital computer to read and write the data .


       The only disadvantage of RAM is that the users data is secure in RAM until the Digital computer is on once the Digital computer off the whole users data in the RAM get deleted automatically without the permission of user.


ROM stands for Random Access Memory. This memory of Digital computer is used to only read the users data.

ROM is further divided into following categories.




          a).PROM stands for Programmable Read Only Memory. In this memory the data can be written only once.

          b).EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.In this type of of memory the data can be erase or again write. We can erase data in this memory using ultraviolet rays.

          c).EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.In this memory we can erase the data using the electric pulses.

In primary the data is store in temporary manner.we cannot save out data permanently in primary memory .
In order to save users data permanently the users have to save their data in the Secondary memory.

      2. Secondary memory.

  Secondary memory is used to store the data permanently. Once the data store in the secondary memory the user the data will be saved for permanent there will be no effect on the 
data for on or off the Digital computer ,the data will be store permanently on the secondary memory.
The examples of secondary memories are Pendrives,CD disk,USB,etc are the some examples of secondary memory.

       This is all about Digital computer, its units ,how it works,and all about information of Digital computer.This article will help you to understand how the digital computer actually works.

Thank you.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Programming in C

Programming in C

       Today here we are going talk about programming in C.

Why we need computer languages?

As we talk with local people in our general local languages some people talk in English or some people talk in Hindi or some  people talk in Punjabi there are many languages present in this universe. We use languages to communicate with people.

Just same as C programming is also a language with the help of this we can communicate with our computer or any electronic device.This is possible to communicate with computer with the help of Programming in C.

The question is that why we need Programming in C as we know that if we can solve simple problems like 2+4 the answer will be 6 but if we have bulky values of data like 2363646455+52447745374=? can you solve this value,you can solve it but it takes a time but with the the help of computer we can solve this just in half of second of time so to handle bulk of our data  we need to talk with computer this is possible only if you know how to communicate with computer and to communicate with computer you have to learn Computer Languages this is the reason why you have to learn Programming in C.

Types of computer languages .

There are many computer languages like Python,Java,C,C++.But here we will talk about programming in C.

Some important features of Programming in C.

AS we talk there are many languages present in universe but what makes C programming unique is that it is very easy to learn after learn C you can go to learn any other languages very easy.C is the foundation of all Languages.And if you want to learn computer languages you can go for C language after learning this languages you can go for C++,Python,Java etc.

Where you can learn Programming in C.

There are many places where you can learn C language you can learn Programming in C is from online websites some websites are where you can learn Learnvern,Udemy, the name of some websites where you can go and learn C language. The best thing is that You will get certificate also after learning the languages from these online sites.

Plus points for Programming in C.

  • The big thing is that after learn C Programming you can easily learn any other language as you wish very quickly.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • C language is very effective language can learn by anyone.
  • It is a high level language.   

My suggestions :

  If you want to learn any language you have to enjoy during learning time this thing make you a unique programmer if you can do this you are the king of  this field. So what are you waiting for go and learn Hurry up........

Saturday, February 9, 2019

How To Make Blog

How To Make Blog :

How To Make Blog
How To Make Blog 

Hey are you going to make your own blog ?, then you are at right place , you know that many peoples are making blog today but in many of them only some limited blogs becomes successful and mostly of them are just like garbage in the factory of google,do you know why they becomes unsuccessful the only reason is that they don't know that How To Make Blog , they don't know about  making a user friendly blog they only know that the blog is like a page and they start writing but all you have to know that Today competition is very though , but i am not saying you it is impossible for you to rank your blog number one position .so here in this article I will tell you How To Make Blog and successful it to rank on google. 

How To Make Blog

Follow these steps I am 100% sure that your blog will rank number one position in google,if you have to know How To Make Blog read all the rules and steps from which you can make a successful blog.

  • Before make your blog lets confirm the topic which you like most it may be related to technology ,may be related to sports,may be related to latest news etc. I mean to say that every one has no equal choices some likes technologies,some likes sports , and some likes politics news so,choose the topic which you like the most.This is the first step to write a successful blog.                           

How To Make Blog

  • After deciding your blog topic you can start to write blog on the topic you choose.Research more and more about your Topic.This is the 2nd step to write a successful blog.

How To Make Blog

  • Always try to write something which is different from all. Here I mean to say that they must not be boring in read.And try to avoid repeating the lines again and again,it will not good for your blog.This is the 3rd step to write a successful blog.

How To Make Blog

  • Try to use some interesting images in your blog there are many free sites i.e Pixabay, ,pixels etc where you can download the images and use it for your blog. and after a successful blog you can go for the paid sites but at starting if you don't have to purchase paid images you can use free sites.This is the 4th step to write a successful blog.

How To Make Blog

  • Try to make your 1st blog on  . It is because all the things in is free of cost you have not to pay anything in this site and if you go for the other sites you have to pay .This is the 5th step to write a successful blog.

How To Make Blog

I tell you all the technique of successful blog How To Make Blog and rank it on google its easy and simple. I am sure it will very useful steps for How To Make Blog .The above steps will rank your blog on google definitely so follow the above step and rank your blog on google. The best thing is that user or reader must enjoy to read your blog and interact with your blog if you can do this thing then you are the king of blogging. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Say bye to google+

Say bye to google+

                     " 2nd "of April 2019.

Do you know that Google declared an official date of closing of all the services of his own product google+.

Google plus is gong to close on the date of  " 2nd "of April 2019.

due to the some technical problem google is going to close his all the service of google+.

 Say bye to google

So, google has officially announced that he is going close to his all the services of google+, users who has signed up  just go to the link and safe their data.

The link given above with help of the link you can backup and secure your data what you uploaded on Google+.

just go to the link and save your data immediately now other wise you will loose your data, google itself will delete it.

 History of google+:

 Google Plus was launched in 2011. It was Google's social networking service, which took Google's  place of buzzing.

 Initially, its number of users reached 450 million but then started to decrease.

 In 2015, it had 111 million, or 11 million active users.

 Google Plus could not be as popular The number of its users was decreasing.

 In the meantime, Google has already announced that August 2019 will stop its service. opinion :
           The general Purpose of this blog is to aware the people who signed up on google+ they have to go to the google+ account and backup the important data which is uploaded on google+.

Friday, February 1, 2019

How To Make Money online

Way For How To Make Money online

Here in this article you will learn How To Make Money online . If you want to earn money online then you are at the right place and after read the article you will able to How To Make Money online.

Today here i will tell you the top trending tricks How To Make Money online .It will help you sure, here is the way to top tricks for How To Make Money online .

 How To make money online

Top ways to earn money online


 How to make money online

Blogging is the way to earn money online ,with the help of blogging you can earn a lot of money online .
You have to go to google and simply search .
After creating your blogger id just create your own blog and publish it this is really cool way to earn money with
In blogger you can create your own blog related to tech,social media,event news and earn money online. A blog is the best option for earning money this is the way to How To Make Money online.

2.) Youtube

 how to make mony online

You tube is also the best option if you want to make money online .
 Youtube is the platform where you can upload the videos in youtube chanel and make a large of money from it ,its depends on your video content .so just go to youtube and make your own channel and upload your video on it .Many youtubers earn thousands of rupees with it. so this is also the way to How To Make Money online.

3.) Fiverr

 how to make money online

Fiverr is also one of the way to earn money.
On fiverr you can do your work as you like just go to the fiverr and sign up after sign up register your what you want to do or you know and do the work with it it will pay you .it is also a best option for the earning money so this also the way to How To Make Money online.

4.) Start a website

 how to make money online

Start a website is also the best way to make money online.through it you can earn.
First make your website and run it on google and tag the add on it the adds will pay you according to the your page view.once you make your website you will earn during sleeping , during rest of your life this is also the way How To Make Money online.

5.)  Sell and Buy Domain

 how to make money online

Sell and Buy a domain is also another the best option for earning money 
If you want to invest in domain it is also the best option for as a side business ,purchase a high demand domain and sell it with your desired price it is also the best option for How To Make Money online you can buy the domain from many sites available such as godaddy ,bigrock are the 2 trusted sites you can purchase your domain from here.

6.) From Smartphone

 how to make money online

Smartphone is also the way to earn .Today almost everyone has a smartphone and we can use it to earn money some apps are available in market which can help you to earn just do some task what it says its simple and no time taken is needed with it and earn .
To earn you have need the data on your smartphone and nothing to be required its simple and free so this is also the way to How To Make Money online.

7.) Kindle eBook Writing

 how to make money online

If your interest is in writing you can improve it with kindle it can help you a lot in .
In kindle you can write your talent in the form of e book and kindle will help you to publish it and it will reach thousands of people on amazon so, this is also the genuine way to How To Make Money online.
you can decide your ebook price yourself because of its your talent so, improve it with kindle it will help definitely to push your talent.

8.) Design a web

 how to make money online

You can design a web for the person who needs , as we know that there are the numbers of business man who are trying to develop or trying to improve his  business with the help of website a business man can develop his business you can help him to making a website for him and it business man pay you the amount what you want it is very good way to How To Make Money online. This is also the unique way and hygienic way to earn a lot you can create your own identity in society as a web developer .

9.) Sell on websites

 how to make money online

You can sell your product on websites like amazon,flipkart,snapdeal these are the famous websites.
Many of people used to these websites to buy something but you can sell your products on these websites with a suitable price . It will be your selling it is also the way to How To Make Money online.

10.) Photography

 how to make money online

It is also the best way to earn you are one that love photography click the pics and sell it on the websites there are the number of websites where you can sell your own photostock on your demand price who wants to purchase your photos can purchase on websites the name of some websites where you can sell your photos ,images are sutterstock,getty images,flickr,adobestock is the name of some websites where you can sell your photos .so this is also the way How To Make Money online.

 Hey guys,
              Here I tell you the top 10 earning sources to How To Make Money online which will help you a lot if you want to earn money online .These are the genuine ways to earn online so what are you waiting for go and earn .

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC

Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC: 

Here , I will tell you friends the Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC  So if you are unable to connect your mi phone to your pc then after read this article you can connect your any mi phone to your any PC .

These steps what I am going to share you are very simple but follow these steps carefully and it will definitely work .

 So follow the article Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC  its very simple...

Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC




  • GO TO " ABOUT PHONE >" tap to about phone

after reaching here you will see the "MIUI VERSION" Tap it for 5 TO 6 TIMES Now  go to the next step just back from here again as show in display screen

  • just scroll and you will see the "Additional setting"> tap to addition setting.

  • Tap additional setting and you will see the "Developer Option"> Tap developer option


  • tap developer option and you will go to the next step you will see the "USB debugging"> Tap the usb debugging 


     JUST TURN ON "USB Debugging" as you turn on you will be able to enjoy Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC  thank u all if the article Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC helpful to u then don't forget to share the Way to connect your Mi phone to Your PC .

          I hope these steps will definitely helpful for you but do these steps carefully then you can connect your smartphone with your smartphone and enjoy transferring and exchanging your files from your pc to smartphone and from your smartphone files to pc also .


    Operating System