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How To Reset My Smartphone

How To Reset My Smartphone  -  Hello friends, Here I Am Going To Share my idea to How To Reset My Smartphone here with help of this article you will be able to How To Reset My Smartphone.

Today you will know How To Reset My Smartphone If You don't know about How To Reset My Smartphone  This Article will able to you to know the idea about How To Reset My Smartphone this will really very helpful for you can reset your smartphone with yourself just in few minutes.

How To Reset My Smartphone

How To Reset My Smartphone 

Here we are going to start How To Reset My Smartphone So, Here I will tell u the simple steps   to How To Reset My Smartphone step by step follow my simple steps to reset smartphone .

 warning: With this method you will losing your personal data, so i request you to all before apply steps of How To Reset My Smartphone keep your data safe through backup your personal files or contact customer support

        How To Reset My Smartphone

     steps :
  1. Turn off your smartphone.
  2. Press power off and volume down key together for 4 to 6 seconds.
  3. select your language.
  4. select wipe data.
 After these steps your phone beings to the process to reset your phone.

   I hope friends this will be helpful for u .......





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