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Digital Computer

Digital Computer   

    Here in this article you will know about Digital computer.

The computer which operates on digital signal is called Digital computer.The digital computer receives data and instructions from the outside world and proceeds the data given by the outside world in the control processing unit and proceeding it in the control processing it gives a result in the form of output unit.

 There are three types of Computer.
  1. Analog computer.
  2. Digital computer.
  3. Hybrid computer.   
But here in this article you will know detailed about in Digital computer.

The Digital computer has the following units.
  • Input unit.
  • Central processing unit.
  • Output unit.

The components of Digital computer.

  Input unit:

       A computer needs to input the data and instruction to solve any problem so we have to input the data and instruction into the digital computer to solve the problems,So if we want to solve the problems from the digital computer then we have to give to the data what we have to solve this is possible only with the help of Input unit.

   The main functions of Input unit performs the following task:
  • Input takes the data from the outside world.
  • Convert the data in the form of that the computer can understand 
  • Transfer the converted data to the CPU of the digital Computer for the remaining process.

The control processing unit is the super intelligent unit of digital computer.

CPU(Control processing unit) consist of the following parts:

  • Arithmetic unit.
  • control unit.
  • Memory unit.

Arithmetic unit:

Arithmetic logic unit(ALU) performs all the mathematical problems and logical calculations it it also takes the decisions and comparisons.
whenever the calculation is used the data goes to the ALU and the ALU solve these problems through the arithmetic and logical way and transfer these data to the Output unit.

Control unit:

         Control unit control the flow or processed data from the storage unit to the ALU.
It also controls the data of result from ALU to the storage unit.

Memory unit:

        Memory is also the unit of computer which is used for store the users data on Digital computer.
The memory is divided into the mainly 2 types:

       1.Primary memory.

       2.Secondary memory.

1.Primary memory.

Primary memory is used to hold the user data before the processed.It temporary stores the users data in the Digital computer.Primary memory is also called the Volatile memory.

The primary memory is further divided into following 2 types:




RAM stands for Random Access Memory it is also read and write memory.this memory is used for the Digital computer to read and write the data .


       The only disadvantage of RAM is that the users data is secure in RAM until the Digital computer is on once the Digital computer off the whole users data in the RAM get deleted automatically without the permission of user.


ROM stands for Random Access Memory. This memory of Digital computer is used to only read the users data.

ROM is further divided into following categories.




          a).PROM stands for Programmable Read Only Memory. In this memory the data can be written only once.

          b).EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.In this type of of memory the data can be erase or again write. We can erase data in this memory using ultraviolet rays.

          c).EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.In this memory we can erase the data using the electric pulses.

In primary the data is store in temporary manner.we cannot save out data permanently in primary memory .
In order to save users data permanently the users have to save their data in the Secondary memory.

      2. Secondary memory.

  Secondary memory is used to store the data permanently. Once the data store in the secondary memory the user the data will be saved for permanent there will be no effect on the 
data for on or off the Digital computer ,the data will be store permanently on the secondary memory.
The examples of secondary memories are Pendrives,CD disk,USB,etc are the some examples of secondary memory.

       This is all about Digital computer, its units ,how it works,and all about information of Digital computer.This article will help you to understand how the digital computer actually works.

Thank you.


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