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Programming in C

Programming in C

       Today here we are going talk about programming in C.

Why we need computer languages?

As we talk with local people in our general local languages some people talk in English or some people talk in Hindi or some  people talk in Punjabi there are many languages present in this universe. We use languages to communicate with people.

Just same as C programming is also a language with the help of this we can communicate with our computer or any electronic device.This is possible to communicate with computer with the help of Programming in C.

The question is that why we need Programming in C as we know that if we can solve simple problems like 2+4 the answer will be 6 but if we have bulky values of data like 2363646455+52447745374=? can you solve this value,you can solve it but it takes a time but with the the help of computer we can solve this just in half of second of time so to handle bulk of our data  we need to talk with computer this is possible only if you know how to communicate with computer and to communicate with computer you have to learn Computer Languages this is the reason why you have to learn Programming in C.

Types of computer languages .

There are many computer languages like Python,Java,C,C++.But here we will talk about programming in C.

Some important features of Programming in C.

AS we talk there are many languages present in universe but what makes C programming unique is that it is very easy to learn after learn C you can go to learn any other languages very easy.C is the foundation of all Languages.And if you want to learn computer languages you can go for C language after learning this languages you can go for C++,Python,Java etc.

Where you can learn Programming in C.

There are many places where you can learn C language you can learn Programming in C is from online websites some websites are where you can learn Learnvern,Udemy, the name of some websites where you can go and learn C language. The best thing is that You will get certificate also after learning the languages from these online sites.

Plus points for Programming in C.

  • The big thing is that after learn C Programming you can easily learn any other language as you wish very quickly.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • C language is very effective language can learn by anyone.
  • It is a high level language.   

My suggestions :

  If you want to learn any language you have to enjoy during learning time this thing make you a unique programmer if you can do this you are the king of  this field. So what are you waiting for go and learn Hurry up........


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