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Say bye to google+

Say bye to google+

                     " 2nd "of April 2019.

Do you know that Google declared an official date of closing of all the services of his own product google+.

Google plus is gong to close on the date of  " 2nd "of April 2019.

due to the some technical problem google is going to close his all the service of google+.

 Say bye to google

So, google has officially announced that he is going close to his all the services of google+, users who has signed up  just go to the link and safe their data.

The link given above with help of the link you can backup and secure your data what you uploaded on Google+.

just go to the link and save your data immediately now other wise you will loose your data, google itself will delete it.

 History of google+:

 Google Plus was launched in 2011. It was Google's social networking service, which took Google's  place of buzzing.

 Initially, its number of users reached 450 million but then started to decrease.

 In 2015, it had 111 million, or 11 million active users.

 Google Plus could not be as popular The number of its users was decreasing.

 In the meantime, Google has already announced that August 2019 will stop its service. opinion :
           The general Purpose of this blog is to aware the people who signed up on google+ they have to go to the google+ account and backup the important data which is uploaded on google+.


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