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Operating System

Operating System

Here in this article you will know about Operating system, Main features of Operating System & How it works actually.

An Operating system is a set of program it manages all the computer components and programs.
without operating system, a computer cannot do anything.

 Operating system is very essential for run the program or run any task on the computer. Without operating system a user can not interact with computer easily.

Operating system works as the interface between the User and the Computer Hardware. Computer Hardware like Control Processing Unit(CPU), Input or Output unit, Memory are the main Hardware of the Computer.
There are some popular Operating Systems are, Windows,Linux,Dos,Unix,etc

To understand Operating System lets understand it with suitable example.

Lets understand it with example, If you want to do something on your computer like you want to run any program or open any file on your computer, then you have to need coding to run or open any program without coding, you can't open a program or run a program,you to code to run the particular program, because the Computer Hardware cannot understand the instruction given by you on the computer without coding you need to code it. But with the help of Operating System a user and interact with computer hardware easily, they have to only command it to run the program or run any task,Because the Operating system has pre installed coding for every program what you want to run or task to do on the computer ,you only have to do instructions and Operating System handle the Computer hardware and you will able to run your program without coding.This is the main function of Operating system.

The Operating system manages the following Resources of the Computer system


1.Processor management.

When we run multiple task on the computer system the Operating system manage the programs how they have to executes. Processor management manage the users multitasking experience.It handles the multitasking tasks of user.


2.Memory management.

Operating System manages the memory of the computer system to store the data.It saves the users data in the memory and manage the storage system of the computer system.


3.File management.

Operating System manages the users file.The number of file is on the computer system and Operating System manages the number of files of the computer system.

4.Input/output Management.

Operating System manages the input and output units of the computer system. It manages the input task like typing and output task like printing functions of the computer system.


Operating System provides the user security .The Operating System provides the security to secure the users data and make the better user experience.

                    This is all about Operating system, and it how it works. If you have any questions about this you can ask 
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Operating System